#RestartSud in Crotone: economics and legality in the center of the debate

With the participation of the President Francesco Beraldi, Alkemy Tech attended the event held yesterday in Crotone organized by the local Chamber of Commerce

A small Chamber of Commerce who thinks in great and gives great results. This is the portrait of the Chamer of Commerce of Crotone hatched during the event “#RestartSud – impresa possibile” held yesterday in Crotone and about which we informed you before in this blog. In order to achieve these goals also Alkemy Tech has done its part with the creation of the INSIDER system, an instrument that uses the Big Data of the Chambers of Commerce to identify the border between “healthy” companies and colluded companies. An instrument, as pointed out by Donatella Romeo, the General Secretary of the Chambers of Commerce of Crotone and Vibo Valentia, which won the acclaim of the Ministero dell'Interno through its recognition between the "best practices” of the Public Administrations.

The event, starting from the presentation of the MONITOR report about economics and legality in the province of Crotone, ranged through the interventions of various speakers on the necessity for companies to create a team, to establish a network for legality, and to employ new technologies using also the analysis of Big Data. A source of information that still remains largely unexplored.

The role of information in the future of the economy was also focused by Francesco Beraldi, president of Alkemy Tech. "We moved now from an era of automation to the digital age - underlined Beraldi - and information will have more and more influence on technology."

Alkemy Lab realized for the event a deepening of INSIDER, presenting some infographics showing that the information provided by INSIDER can be used to create clear and synthetic prospects related to complex phenomena and realities. It was concentrated on the research area on which the team is now very qualified: the social analytics. The analysis focused on the issues behind the event, therefore, legality and risk of crime in the economic and entrepreneurial activities, and used another infographic to present in a simple and clear way the results of the work.

The audience, attentive and involved throughout the event, did not fail to show interest and curiosity for both the infographics and the intervention of our President. We, as part of Alkemy Tech, can only be pleased and proud to have participated in this useful moment of collaboration and dialogue.


Alkemy Lab e le Camere di Commercio di Crotone e Vibo, insieme per la legalità

#RestartSud - Impresa possibile - Una squadra per lo sviluppo, una rete per la legalità