A stronger collaboration between Francesco Beraldi and the TAG Cosenza

Francesco Beraldi, president of Alkemy Tech, became a partner of Talent Garden Cosenza with the O2e company, which deals with innovation and support to young enterprises.

The relationship between Francesco Beraldi, president of Alkemy Tech, and the founders of the Talent Garden Cosenza arose about two years ago. They achieved harmony right away, so that the Calabrian enterpreneur became one of the "mentor" of the TAG with other successful entrepreneurs.

Involved for a long time in the field of ICT, Beraldi brought in the Talent Garden his experience, acquired earlier in big companies such as Olivetti and IBM, then dedicating himself to the companies he founded: Orangee, TSC Consulting now incorporated in Alkemy, and recently the O2e.

In its two years of activity the TAG Cosenza, the first in southern Italy, became a reference point for many young people of Calabria. Young people full of ideas and enthusiasm, which found in the innovative co-working space a challenging and professional location. A significant stage of this process is represented by its recent relocation near the University of Calabria, promoting exchanges and contacts with the university world, undoubtedly one of the most dynamic reality in the region.

After two years of initiatives and activities, the relationship between the founders and the mentor Francesco Beraldi becomes closer. The new synergy arises through the O2e, the Beraldi’s company which aims to support young and innovative companies. The O2e acquired some parts of the society, becoming the sixth business partner of the Talent Garden Cosenza.

The path of Beraldi along with the founders of TAG Cosenza therefore continues, with the will to achieve new goals taking into consideration the growth of the territory.