Smart Cities and Communities: final conference

On 5 April, Alkemy Lab and its partners presented the results of the Smart Culture project, within the Call Smart Cities and Communities

The goal of the Call Smart Cities and Communities is making cities and communities smarter, by activating virtous and efficient innovation processes. A final meeting was organized in order to support the spread, the enhancing and the cohesion of the results of the research projects funded by the Call. This conference took place at the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia, in Milan, on the morning of 5 April.

Smart Culture is one of the involved research projects and it is focused on Cultural Heritage. Engineering, the leading company of the research project, explained the work and the achievements of partners, with a particular emphasis on connections established among the companies and with the city of Mantova, which is the experimental territory. Alkemy Lab is one of the companies involved in the project, within which it has developed web, mobile and wearable applications. These apps allow the visitors to have an innovative cultural experience and provide new instruments for the cultural promotion to destination managers.

Our blog has already talked about the prototypes developed by Alkemy Lab for Mantua within the Smart Culture project. They are:

  • Explore Mantova - Glass app, an app for Smart Glass which uses augmented reality to take the visitors into a new experience to discover the Mantua’s heritage;

  • Explore Mantova - Mobile and Watch, an app for smartphones and smartwatch, which allows you to keep informed about cultural news related to Mantua;

  • Social sense, a data analysis and data visualization web platform for an innovative enhancement of the territory, based on the analysis of conversations on social networks.

Discover more details about our Smart Culture prototypes: go to the brochure!

The representatives of Regione Lombardia, which promoted the Call and the conference, listened the speeches of presentations of the 14 projects funded by the Call Smart Cities and Communities. Achievements and goals were highlighted. The presentations included new ideas about further developments, new contaminations, possible synergies between projects and with new actors.

The audience consisted of partner companies of the projects, representatives of the Regione Lombardia and local stakeholders, such as Public Administration, companies, universities and research centres.

The projects are about new ideas and practices for open innovation and social innovation. The actors of the territory - such as companies and public authorities - become protagonists in the design, implementation and evaluation of innovative solutions, which can become good examples. A source of ideas and application solutions, outcomes of collaboration and contamination and based on the real needs of the territory. A source of innovation that becomes a collective property, from which other public and private companies can draw to trigger new virtuous, autonomous and "contagious" processes in the national territory and beyond.

The call funds projects that provide new solutions for problems and challenges in various areas. The fields in which the call takes action, through dedicated research projects, are: Safety of the territory, Ageing society, Inclusion and welfare technologies, Home automation, Waste management, Smart mobility and last-mile logistic, Smart grids, Sustainable architecture and materials, Cultural Heritage, Water Resource Management, Cloud Computing Technologies for Smart Government.

The conference has also given space to a study about the Smart City Index, done by Ernst & Young, and to the role of PA in Smart Cities. Objectives and experiences related to the this issue were shared by the representatives of three towns of Lombardy: Milan, Brescia and Mantua.