Social Lettering: code-generated graphics made in Alkemy Lab

What the social networks say about Jubilee? The analysis of social conversations through techniques of visualization and processing of Big Data.

For the seventh episode of “47 35 Parallelo Italia” (Rai Tre), Alkemy Lab realized an experimental model of processing and visualization of data from the social network, based on the generation of images from the code. The project is implemented in collaboration with the IMT Alti Studi Lucca (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca) and Tramas Web.
The algorithms of the code-generated graphic created graphic compositions, which are the direct and visual expression of the data.
A visual summary shows the most frequent hashtags in social conversation saround the theme of the Jubilee. An editorial work has led to the identification of relevant account about the theme on three of the main social networks: Facebok, Twitter e Instagram.
The gathered accounts include many official pages and some private profiles of the main influncers. The messages downloaded and processed were the ones published from the above-mentioned accounts in June and July 2015.

Data are displayed as points: each occurrence of the data is represented as a single point.
The extremes of the screen, top and bottom, contain the logos of the social networks data were extracted from. The flows of data spead from the three logos and have a particular colour, according to the company of origin.
The points inside the cloud data join to form different words: the dust moves and generates new meanings. The number of points (in proportion) reflects the breadth of use of a particular hashtag, while the color specifies the social network from which the data are extracted (green for Instagram, blue for Facebook and red for Twitter). The points are aggregated according to a collision algorithm to compose the words of the hashtags they belong to.
On the screen, the size of the words shows the frequency of use of the hashtags. In addition to the color composition (the percentage of color inside the word), the position compared to the center of the screen shows how the hashtag is in common to the social networks analysed, according to an opposition center/periphery.

The visualization is made in collaboration with the IMT Alti Studi Lucca (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca), advanced on the data elaboration and on the algorithms that allow their analysis and interpretation; and Andrea Montaldo of Tramas Web, who handled the code-generated graphics.