Social Responsability on Twitter: an Alkemy Lab research

Analysis of Twitter conversations about the topics related to Social Responsability

Alkemy Lab realized a research in order to explore the Twitter conversations about Social Responsability. This research was realized for the event "Mesclamundi", which was held at the Auditorio Fondazione Cariplo on 10 december and was organized for the presentation of the new album of the Orchestra dei Popoli.

An experimental platform was used to realize the research. This platform allows the collection, processing and visualization of social data; the latter were identified through a group of keywords, chosen according to the particular research field.

The research aims to answer to the following questions:

  • How did people discuss about Social Responsability on Twitter in the last two weeks (from 23 November to 6 Dicember)?
    • Who did talk about Social Responsability?
    • With which hashtags?
  • How did the enterprise involved in the events talk about the topics related to Social Resposability?
    • What arguments did they discuss?
    • With which hashtags?

The following video was presented during the evenning of 10 december and summarizes the main results of the research: