On La Stampa the analysis of Alkemy Lab on the third evening of #Sanremo2017

Even the night of the Festival dedicated to covers sparked appreciation and some criticism on social networks

How do people discuss on social network about the third night of the Sanremo Festival? La Stampa, in the article "Passato e presente sul palco dell’Ariston", published the results of the analysis on Twitter and Facebook conversations about the event.

The duo Conti-De Filippi strikes. The third night of the Sanremo Festival, in fact, follows the trail mapped out by the two previous evenings and confirmed itself champion of audience with a share that was close to 50%. Now the central event appointment was left behind and the fatal final is getting closer. Will it be possible to confirm this positive trend until the end?

It seems that the social networks helped to give new life to the singing event most watched and discussed in Italy. The numerous tweets show that Sanremo has also conquered the world of the social networks, creating a real marketing phenomena which became viral during the evenings.

Undisputed star of the evening: Mika. This is confirmed by the share, that during his performance exceeded 50%, and it’s reported especially by social networks. The super guest was already entered in the past months in italians’ homes with his successful television program Casa Mika, and his presence on the stage of the Ariston is so familiar and new at the same time. After the entry with the unexpectedly locked door (the beauty of direct), soon he gained many real, Tv and virtual listeners. Just think that, in the tweets about Sanremo, the hashtag #mika is the most used after the official hashtag #sanremo2017 and #sanremika is among the most popular.

The following is #sanremoceres, the hashtag launched by the famous brand of beer that since last year began to mark many of the tweets about the Festival, thanks to a successful marketing operation.

The third Sanremo evening had, as is the custom for several years, its own specific theme: the covers. This has turned even the Twitter conversations in a mix of past and present. As well as on the stage young and old singers attempted with some of the best pieces of the Italian song, even among the most used hashtags we find the titles of the historical songs presented by the artists. #lastagionedellamore, hashtag of the Battiato’s song performed by Michele Bravi, was the most widespread. The song of Michele Bravi #ildiariodeglierrori also won the most popular hashtag prize among those concerning the songs in the competition. A song that is leaving its mark.

#amaraterramia was very popular, the famous song brought to success by Domenico Modugno. Ermal Meta was the one who sang it, with his performance won the special prize for the cover’s night. Confirms the appreciation of Twitter users also the hashtag #ermalmeta, which stands among the most used in the course of the evening.

Between the cover, at the center of social conversations are also #lemillebolleblu, the piece sung by Mina Ludovica Comello, and #quandofinisceunamore, the Cocciante song performed by Elodie.

The characters make always people talk about themselves. #elodie, #ermalmeta, #gigidalessio, #paolaturci, #fiorellamannoia are the most popular hashtags related to the singers in the competition. Among the guests of the evening, as well as #mika, it has attracted the attention of the Twitter’s users also LP, the American singer with Italian origin whose full name is Laura Pergolizzi.

Besides the hashtags related to singers and songs are also popular the ones linked to the initiative of web sites, or brand, or fan groups to mark the tweet on the current edition of the Festival, and soon became viral. Along with the mentioned #sanremoceres, other examples are #teamdivano - launched by the same name community -, #titina17 - of the magazine The Point H - and #divanorolling - of the Rolling Stone Italy team. Social catchphrase of this edition of the Sanremo Festival is #intantovessicchio, which, along with other hashtags such as #uscitevessicchio and #freevessicchio, characterizes the post dedicated to the absence of the master who for many years directed the orchestra of the Festival. The messages are mostly ironic and many are the meme on what Vessicchio is doing instead of participating in the Festival.

But how much do the accounts of the national newspapers speak about Sanremo, both on Twitter and on Facebook?

All the posts from Twitter and Facebook accounts of the newspapers of the newspapers La Stampa, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Il Messaggero, Il Fatto Quotidiano and Il Secolo XIX, were monitored between 7 and 9 February. The search revealed that, on both the social networks, the most used word in absolute post on Facebook is just "Sanremo", and on Twitter is "Sanremo2017". That says a lot about how, in the days of the Festival, Sanremo will become the main topic of discussion by passing the other news into the background.

The words more present in the messages about Sanremo published by the newspapers on Facebook and Twitter have strong similarities, although with some small popularity difference. "Sanremo", "2017", "evening" are at the top in both social considered. Even "Maria" and "Conti", relating to the evenings conductors, are among the most common words, with the first in higher positions than the second, confirming the popularity of the presenter. It could not miss "Ariston", the name of the famous theater that hosts the event for decades.

The social networks, so, confirm the popularity of the festival both among the people and in the mass media. Among criticisms, appreciations, and various discussions. Sanremo, with physiological ups and downs, therefore, continues to maintain its status as the "musical kermesse more followed in Italy."

Text, bigdata analysis and Catchy graphics edited by Lorenzo Coscarella, Carla De Mare and Nicola Piras, implemented under the DEEP project of Alkemy Lab