On La Stampa the analysis on the final of the Champions League 2017

On the occasion of the match between Real Madrid and Juventus, Alkemy Lab made a Data Intelligence research to know the previous ones and analyze discussions on social networks.

Updated of 07/06/2017

Alkemy Lab, in collaboration with Catchy and the journalist Gianni Riotta, conducted a Data Intelligence study on the final of June 3, 2017 and on the tragic events of Turin and London. The research was published on La Stampa in the article "Una notte di lacrime e sconforto per l’anima bianconera".

The research retraced the statistics of the most defeated coaches in the finals and of the winners of the prestigious "triplete". A crossroads for Massimiliano Allegri and his team, Juventus Football Club, beaten 4-1 by the Real Madrid of Zidane. A night to forget for the protagonists of the match and also for the fans, to which were added the news of the incidents in Piazza Castello in Turin. The panic and the crowd, over 1500 wounded, interrupted the dreams of those present.

The causes are still unclear but conversations on social networks were intertwined with anger and anguish.

The search on Google Trend testified that the theme of the Champions League involved many countries at international level, receiving a considerable attention.

Article of 05/06/2017

Not just a simple match, but a long-awaited final, during which two of the strongest football teams in the world met themselves: Real Madrid and Juventus.

In the days before the match, the fans started to support their favorite team and discuss even on social networks. Alkemy Lab, in collaboration with Catchy and journalist Gianni Riotta, made a Data Intelligence search that was published on La Stampa in the article "Numeri e date della #RoadtoCardiff". The research goes on reviewing historical backgrounds and analyzes how the wait for the match has been experienced on social networks.

The match has created many expectations, also because it is a historic challenge.

There were other times, indeed, in which Real Madrid and Juventus were against each other at the Champions League. 18 matches have seen them as rivals from the early 60s to 2013-2014, after which the two teams had reached the same number of victories. This was until the final of June 3, the nineteenth challenge, that sanctioned the "overtaking" of Real.

Even on social networks it was clear the great expectation that preceded the game.

#itstime and #ucl were the most used hashtags - respectively by Twitter and Instagram users - to refer to the final. Juventus fans were particularly active, as showned the presence of the hashtags #juventus, #forzajuve and #finoallafine. But also Real’s supporters were active, given the high presence of #halamadrid and #rmlive.

This year it was Wales to host the final match of the competition. Wales is the sixteenth country where the event was held. The match took place in Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium, a structure built in 1999 to replace Cardiff Arms Park.

In recent years, the event has been hosted by many European countries.

Two countries hosted two editions each. The first is the United Kingdom, which at the Wembley Stadium in London hosted the 2010-2011 final between Barcelona and Manchester United, and that of 2012-2013 between Bayer Munich and Borussia Dortmund. The second is Italy, with the finals of 2008-2009 - between Barcelona and Manchester United, played in Rome at the Olympic Stadium - and of 2016-2017 - played at the Meazza Stadium in Milan between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.