On La Stampa, the research made by Alkemy Lab about the Presidential Elections in France

Alkemy Lab's Data Intelligence research explains how candidates and voters led the French elections on social networks

April 23 was the day of voting in France. Alkemy Lab worked on this appointment trying to understand how the protagonists were preparing for the election deadline: on the one hand studying the social communication of the candidates, on the other hand analyzing the voters' conversations about the topics of the elections, adding insights and focus on the history of the French Republic and its elections.

The first result of the research was the focus of the La Stampa article: Sfida a 11 per le presidenziali francesi: l’analisi sui social. The analysis of Alkemy Lab, realized in the framework of the DEEP project in collaboration with Catchy and Gianni Riotta, presents a social analysis on how candidates and voters have led on the social networks the presidential election in France.

The activity of social networks’ users on the theme also emerges from a first issue: there are over 300,000 tweets with the hashtag #presidentielle2017 collected in the month before the election. The trend of activity over time also underlines how the moments of greater attention and discussion are the dates of debates: the “Grand Débate” of April 4 has led to a peak of Twitter conversations. The candidates most mentioned in the tweet are Fillon, Macron, Le Pen and Mélenchon.

The central issues in the Facebook communication of the candidates are the same candidates and their slogans: in the post of the official pages of all the eleven presidential candidates, for example, the most popular words - after France - are "Marine" and "Pen".

In the research, there is also an overview on the evolution of the republican form of government in France: a long journey that shows how events and people have changed the history of France since 1792.