On Sky’s Reteconomy the new appointment with the Alkemy Lab section "Social sense, il Pensiero dei Leader"

In the episode of 30 November of the program House of leaders, the Data Intelligence research focused on the thought of Pope Francis and Christiana Figueres

It continues the appointment with Social Sense, il Pensiero dei Leader, the section dedicated to the thought of the most influential people of today's society, curated by Alkemy Lab as part of the program House of Leaders of the Sky Reteconomy Channel.

After the episode of 23 November dedicated to the Apple CEO Tim Cook and to the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, in the episode of 30 November Carla De Mare presented the results of the Data Intelligence research about two popular personalities: Pope Francis and Christiana Figueres.

You can review the episode on the page dedicated to the program House of Leaders on Reteconomy:

Social Sense, il Pensiero dei Leader (9:44)

Pope Francis is a religious leader followed by millions of people and makes a good use of the media. Just think of the popularity of the official Twitter account of the Pope in the various languages. The Data Intelligence research, which analyzed the period between the beginning of October and 14 November, highlighted especially how the Pope took a position on crucial issues. First of all the issue of refugees and migrants, so that the hashtag #migrants is the third most used by the Pope during 2016, or the battle against the death penalty.

Christiana Figueres, former Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, has been nominated for the prestigious position of UN Secretary-General. The voting, held last October, was dominated by António Guterres. As shown by the results of the Data Intelligence research, Figueres discussed about the vote results on his social channels using the word "bittersweet": bitter because it was not a woman to win, sweet because Guterres, in the opinion of the Costa Rican diplomatic, was the best man candidate for the prestigious position.

In addition to that, Figueres continued to deal on his social channels about issues close to her, like the environment and the climate change.