A new appointment on Sky with “Social Sense, il pensiero dei leader”

The Alkemy Lab’s column about leader’s social communications returns tonight in the Sky program House of leaders

Update of February 2

The leadership goes through innovation, the search for a new and more complex language to tackle global challenges. The last frontier of the language is the space travel. Some great leaders carry on this challenge, as the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk. Right on Elon Musk and his social communications is focused the contribution of Francesco Nespoli, transmitted under the column Social Sense, il pensiero dei leader, which went on the air on February 1.

Watch the eighth episode of House of Leaders, aired on Wednesday, February the 1st! The section of Alkemy Lab "Social Sense, il pensiero dei leader" begins at minute 12:50!

Article of February the 1st

Tonight at 22:30 House of leaders will be broadcasted on Sky Reteconomy. The guest of this edition of the section Social Sense, il pensiero dei leader will be Francesco Nespoli, researcher at the ADAPT, an association founded by Marco Biagi that deals with studies in the field of industrial relations and employment. Exposing some of the Alkemy Lab’s data driven search results, Francesco Nespoli will comment on what emerges from the social communications of the leader Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors electric vehicle and co-founder of PayPal.