On the field and on the social network Alkemy Lab continues to follow Euro2016

From the debate about Euro 2016 to the participation of the fans to the matches: Twitter reveals fans’ favorite themes at the end of the Rounds.

Alkemy Lab continues to closely monitor the European Championship, not only for sport passion, but also to analyze the themes that fans and spectators discuss on social networks.

The latest research about it examined Twitter and the conversations among its users. Performed in collaboration with Catchy and DtoK, it was published on the information website of the journalist Gianni Riotta in the article #Euro2016: la discussione continua su Twitter. The research starts with a general analysis, performed on the data collected from June 22 to 23, on how the users of the popular social network discuss about the European Championship. So the survey then focused on the frequency by which the Twitter users went to the stadium, in the period from June 10 to 23, to follow the matches of Euro2016, highlighting several interesting aspects. Here are some.

With regard to the general discussion, the hashtag #Euro2016 is the center of most conversations. It is an international hashtag, which aggregates threads posted by users from almost all countries of the continent. Then follow the tweets regarding national football teams that played in the analyzed period, from #esp to #cro, from #tur to #ita, from #eng to #ger.

Also tweets with encouragement to their team appear, with slogans in different languages and characterized by hashtags such as the Turks #BizBittiDemedenBitmez and #eyfelikırmızıbeyazaboyayalım, the german #jederfuerjeden, the Spanish #vamosespaña, and finally #coybig, used by Irish supporters.

As we said, Twitter is also useful to give an idea of the frequency of spectators to the matches. Considering the geolocated tweets posted from the beginning of Euro2016 until the end of the group stage, it is possible to see how the 82.8% of users have seen a single match, the 11.6% saw two matches, the 3.2% saw three, the 1% four and the 1.3% five or more.

Moreover, crosschecking the data it is possible to identify what percentage of users watched the matches in the same stadium, and how many people have done so by following the same national team. Thus it emerges that 15.9% of users who have seen two matches did so in the same stadium, a percentage that drops to 3.2% for users who followed three matches.

Against this information, the 43.4% of those who took part in two matches has done so by following the same team. This percentage drops to 30.8% for people who attended three meetings. Data that give an idea of how the fans moved in order to follow their favorite national team.