Talents at the starting line : TAGCosenza will be inaugurated on Saturday, September 27

TSC Consulting took part in the inauguration of the first Talent Garden in Southern Italy, and contributed to its starting thanks to the "Mentor" Francesco Beraldi.

The large number of participants in the inauguration of the Talent Garden Cosenza, which took place on 27th September, bodes well for the future success of the initiative: many people, which come from different backgrounds and are united by the will to take a challenge, are ready to build the future relying on innovation and new technologies.

The Talent Garden will be a coworking space with an extra oomph. A networking group of talents that take on the market challenges thanks to their skills, competence and enthusiasm. The location of the #TAGCosenza is considerable too: it is the first Talent Garden in Southern Italy. A challenge accepted by the creators of #TAGCosenza and by the "Mentors", who supported them for the start of the project. In this process, TSC Consulting plays a significant role: the initiative was immediately encouraged by Francesco Beraldi, Investor and Business Developer at TSC, which intervened in the inauguration. Among the participants in the new opening, there were also some collaborators from TSC offices in Cagliari and Rende, on behalf of the TSC Lab team, the corporate stream dedicated to the research.

The inauguration of this new center was a real party and took place where the young talents of Cosenza will be hosted. The informal space and the furniture arrangement show the will to promote the contacts between the members and the creation of social networks and, why not, professional networks. The symbol of this new concept of work is a "foosball table"; a ludic object, but that encourages discussion and the holding together.


Visit Tag Cosenza web site: www.cosenza.talentgarden.org