Scientific and technological innovation: Alkemy Lab at the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza

Today at 9:30 am has started the “XXV Settimana della Cultura Scientifica e Tecnologica” (XIV Week of Scientific and Technological Culture), an event organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craftsmanship and Agriculture of Cosenza.

The aim of the event is talking about the companies and the most innovative projects operating in Calabria. The event has allowed to know these realities to the public of young students of secondary schools.

Alkemy Lab was there to bring its experience and talking of its activities and innovative projects. Many projects have been implemented and other are currently underway: analysis of Big Data applied to social conversations, apps for Google Glass, mobile first app designed and realized for the promotion of Calabria’s treasures.

Other protagonists of the day were Artémat (startup that designs, builds and brings its business game around the world), Calabriaonair (project about the use of drones which was born and developed in Calabria), Francesco Rende (Digital Champion and founder of Efferre Communication), Viaggiart (startups that use big data for its app of promotion of destinations and lesser-known touristic attractions) and Ingeos Team (group of companies that provides technical services and that has explained how the 3D laser scanner work).

The event has promoted the meeting among innovative enterprises and a young, curious and enthusiastic audience, which certainly will treasure the discoveries made during the day.


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