The Cagliari Calcio is promoted to Serie A and the happiness of the fans explodes on Twitter

The results of the analysis carried out by Alkemy Lab on the Twitter conversation about the promotion of Cagliari Calcio club to Serie A.

The Twitter conversation around the decisive match for Cagliari Calcio, started to animate around 7 pm on Friday 6, the day of the game. It then intensified a lot during the hours of the match, between 8 and 10 pm, to reach its peak of activities at 10 pm, expecially on conversations connoted by the hashtag #forzacasteddu.

#forzacasteddu and #baricagliari were the most used hashtags, both during the hours of the game and in the following days.
The data collection performed by Alkemy Lab has indeed involved all the decisive match weekend: from 9 am of Friday 6 to 11 pm of Sunday, May 8.
In the top ten of the hashtags of the weekend, appear, in order: #missionecompiuta, #seriea, #cagliari, #serieatim and #ilcalcioèdichiloama.

A detailed analysis of the conversations in the 24 hours before and after the match (from 3 pm on Friday until 3 pm on Saturday) shows thet the hashtags celebrating victory and then promotion, such as #missionecompiuta, exploded around 10 pm on Friday, during the last minutes of the sporting event, when victory and promotion were sure.

In a few hours the hashtag #missionecompiuta reached the third place in the top ten of the most used hashstags in the weekend, among the selected tweets analyzed.
#forzacasteddu, the first hashtag of the top ten, accompanied and encouraged the athletes throughout the entire weekend, even though it was already circulating but already circulating in the days leading up to the competition.