The glassware Mab Experience made in TSC on the official Google Myglass site

The path of TSC Consulting continues through research and technological innovation.

The TSC Lab’s activities reached indeed a new milestone with the publication of one of the first Italian Glassware: MAB Experience. The target date for the launch is November 19, at 6 p.m. From this time the Glassware is available on the official MyGlass Google site, for a free download for all the Glass owners.

What is it? MAB Experience is dedicated to the Open Air Museum Bilotti of Cosenza, in Calabria. The MAB is a museum space designed in the center of the calabrian city, on a pedestrian area that became the commercial and cultural heart of Cosenza. Born thanks by donations from Carlo and Enzo Bilotti, modern patrons and lovers of contemporary art, the MAB has become one of the cultural attractions of the region. Sculptures by Dali, De Chirico, Manzu, Sosno, Consagra, Rotella. Artworks of Italian and foreign masters, that marked with their works the entire 20th century, in Cosenza can be seen in downtown doing shopping or a simple walk.

The artworks are closer to the people, who can easily walk among these masterpieces, in the heart of the pedestrian area. The Glassware is a new and exciting way to enjoy this artistic heritage. Mab Experience provides images of the artworks, their description, a technical details and a brief insight into the life of each artist. All is visible through the wearable device produced by Google, the last innovation of wearable technology, that drives us towards the tourism of the future.

It is significant that to be involved in this experimentation is a city in Southern Italy. One of the strengths of the use of Glass for tourism, indeed, it's to give more visibility to relatively small reality, but with a heritage to be valued.

MAB Experience was presented in events dedicated technological innovation held in Lecce, Bologna and Cosenza. From Wednesday November 19th, the Glassware can be downloaded from the public, but the work of the TSC does not stop there. Other experimentation are in progress, and we will keep you updated on this.

Link to MAB Experience on the official market

Link to MaB Experience profile