The glassware Mab Experience

Mab Experience is a glassware dedicated to the MAB, Bilotti Open Air Museum (Museo all’Aperto Bilotti) established in the center of Cosenza, a city in Calabria.

The museum includes many artworks of contemporary art, made by the great masters of the 20th century and donated by the brothers Carlo and Enzo Bilotti to the City of Cosenza in 2005.

The Glassware allows to identify the artworks, providing for each of them images, descriptive form and a brief biography of the artist. You can visit the MAB at anytime: in every hour of the day you can walk through artworks by Italian and international masters, available by everyone in the Corso Mazzini, the main street and commercial heart of the city.

Tourist that wear Google Glass with MAB Experience, can discover the artworks and the artists in an innovative way, by means of augmented reality, having a stroll among the monuments.

In Cosenza contemporary art is so within the reach of all citizens.

- promoting innovative models of cultural tourism
- increasing visibility of local realities with a great cultural heritage, as the city of Cosenza
- displaying cards and photos about the artworks on display
- offering a depeening about the biography of the artists of the artworks in the MAB

MAB Experience was carried out under the program Pon Ricerca e Competitività 2007/2013, Cluster Turismo e Cultura, Stream 2 – INMOTO, INformation and MObility for TOurism. In particular, it’s one of the projects about Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation, Asset II – Integrated Actions for Sustainable Development, Smart Culture e Turismo.

The glassware Mab Experience has been recently presented to the public during some events in 2014:

- Smart City Exhibition 2014 in Bologna, from October 22nd to 24th
- Art Lab 2014 in Lecce, on September 25th
- Knowledge, the event organized by Nuvolaverde in Cosenza, University of Calabria, on April 28th

MAB Experience is designed as an innovative tool for the enhancement of contemporary art, secured from the city of Cosenza along its pedestrian area.

Much more than just a tour guide, MAB Experience introduces a new model to enjoy cultural content.

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