The INMOTO Project

The INMOTO project was born from a need real and present: encouraging the development of interactions among the many tourism actors through the sharing of information and contents on innovative technological platforms. Institutions, tourism operators, citizens and users of services will be an active part of a new intelligent, open, inclusive and sustainable.

Nowadays, the actors of tourism sector are usually divided and heterogeneous: the first step will make them smart, intelligent, able to be understood.
This will create patterns of content, that have to be disseminated through innovative technologies, thanks to the involvement of institutions, industry professionals and citizens through the dynamics of the web.
The tourist services will be reorganized in a language which is accessible to everyone and which everyone understands, in a perspective based on 'open data'. This new form of communication is required to be understood by all actors: from the individual tourist to the public administrations.
The contents concerning the territory will be shared and they will put the basis for interventions in the identified areas. We will use "touch point" tools: smart, accessible, integrated and able to spread everywhere. This will complete the actions of promotion already begun by public institutions and individuals. The accessibility will be increased for everyone using current and relevant channels. The project will contribute to the enhancement of the local districts in several spheres: mobility services, accommodations, attractions, tours, events, local productions.


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