The Shukran is born: the social reign of gratitude and courtesy

In June, the official launch with the video made in Alkemy Lab

Sharing beauty, art and culture.
Sharing the joy of a smile, a sunset over the desert, the colour of the streets of a Middle Eastern city. Sharing the beauty of every place we belong to. Beyond the words.
TheShukran is not only a new social network, but also a new way of understanding the relationships within the virtual community.
TheShukran allows each user to tell about his own world through images, videos and photos. On theShukran, there is not much space for words: meanings and emotions are all entrusted to the visual element; the language barriers fall in front of the suggestions evoked by the images.
This social network is not a place for debates and discussions, but the point of access to a new social dimension based on the discovery of the other, because where there are knowledge and sharing, there is not space for hate, intolerance and insults.
The intention is to build a virtual community where the dimensions of hospitality, solidarity and gratitude are the guiding values.
That is why theShukrians, the theShukran users, do not use the familiar "like” on each appreciated post. They thanks with a "Shukran" by putting on the post a little “hand of Fatima”: in the Islamic cultures, it is a symbol of patience which gives joy, luck and wealth. The name "Shukran" comes from shukran or Shukria, the word that in Arabic language means thank you.
The social is open to an international audience of users and organizations. Users can post their own images and comment those of the other users; choose their twins, who are users with which to establish a closer relationship; create a trend or a campaign in order to draw the attention of other visitors on a particular theme.
The mission of theShukran is to instill passion and curiosity for fareway cultures to the user. The aim is also to invite the users to actually share development and solidarity: through the EthicNow formula, on theShukran it is possible to promote contests to fund humanitarian programs through donations.
Alkemy Lab, partner of theShukran, handled the implementation of the mobile application for Android system and the motion design of the launch commercial: "theShukran, the World is in our hands". Carlo Turri, of Alkemy Lab, handled the animation of the motion graphics (project A08-2 "Comunicare la tecnologia" - P.O.R. SARDEGNA F.S.E. 2007-2013).
The motto of theShukran is the world is in our hands. We have to make it better, by showing all the beauty that surrounds us.


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theShukran, the World is in our hands