TSC Consulting on a "mission " at the ArtLab Lecce: the cultural experience through applications for Google Glass

On 25th September, during the session “New technologies to know and live the culture”, Alessandra Spada presented the experimentations that TSC Lab is conducting in the field of wearable technology.

It was not a coincidence that ArtLab14, the event dedicated to development strategies for cultural tourism, took place in Lecce. The Apulian city, indeed, is one of the most famous cultural destinations in Southern Italy, thanks to the old town center and its spectacular baroque architectures.

Alessandra Spada, Paolo Lucia and Giovanna Scarpino were on a "mission" at Lecce to represent TSC Consulting at the ArtLab14 and, on the way to the location of the event, they admired some of the works of art that are protagonists of Lecce Experience. This glassware is totally dedicated to the beauties of Lecce and was presented during the event, with the other results achieved by TSC Lab within the project DICET-INMOTO.

The experimentations #madeinTSC, in fact, were at the center of the meeting “New technologies to know and live the culture”, which took place on Thursday 25th September at MUST, the Historical Museum of Lecce.

TSC met immediately the curiosity of organizers and of the other participants thanks to the use of Google Glass.
Tsc Lab knows the importance of new technologies for the development of modern forms of cultural tourism and it has a lot of original ideas concernig this field. The company presented the experimentations related to wearable technology: “Semèstene”, in collaboration with the Lyrical Theatre of Cagliari; “Lecce Experience” and “Explore Nearby”, the glassware for the promotion of tourism in mobility in Lecce and Cosenza; the innovative app “Lapsody”, thanks to which the images and the videos taken during an event from different points of view can be shared in real-time on social channels though the Google Glass.

These experimentations and projects could change the approach to the culture and would be a “preview” of the future tourism, a sector to which TSC Lab still has a lot to offer.