TSC in Cosenza for the inauguration of Talent Garden

Innovation is the keyword, especially in a period of economic stagnation, when innovative forms of work and new business ideas become fundamental to fight the national crisis.

The initiatives that put emphasis on these themes are increasing and becoming most coordinated. Among these, Talent Garden has a leading role and is spreading from Northern to Southern Italy, with a coming stop-over in Cosenza.

But, what is it? Talent Garden is an initiative to create a network of "talents", which operate in different fields and share many ideas and the passion for innovations. At the base, there is the coworking: a new concept of work though which specialists in seemingly different areas share skills and activities to make work more efficient and competitive.

The event will be in Rende, a few steps from the University of Calabria, on Tuesday, June 10, at 18:30. The Cofounders of Talet Garden Cosenza will meet six “Mentors”, entrepreneurs whose activities proved that doing business in Calabria is still possible.

They are Fulvia Caligiuri, of Torre di Mezzo company; Florindo Rubbettino, of the Rubettino publishing house; Fortunato Amarelli, of the famous liquorice factory; Gianluca Mauro, of Alma spa; Domenico Ielasi, of Artemat Ltd.; Francesco Beraldi, Investor and Business Developer at TSC Consulting, a company that worked in the field of technological innovation for many years.

The invitation is extended to those who, even if do not strictly operate in the ICT sector, want to offer their talents and be part of this great community of innovators.

Innovation is possible and, with the contribution of everyone, is easier and more effective.


Visit the web site of the Talent Garden Cosenza

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