TSC in Lucca for the Annual Conference on Complex Systems

Between 22nd and 26th September, Lucca IMT institute will host the annual international conference on complex systems.

Ranging from dynamics of viral marketing to the human endocrine system; from the spread of information on social networks to environmental and infrastructural planning: the world around us is organized in complex systems. These systems are made up of a large number of components, that interact with each other and are constantly modified by external factors.

Although the changes of the single components of the system are predictable, however to predict a future state of the entire system is very hard. Still today, as the experts say, the complex system can be described only in a partial way: "In complex systems the unpredictability and the paradox will always be present and some things will remain unknown". This has been said by the French philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin, known for the transdisciplinary approach through which covered a wide variety of topics.

From over ten years, Europe has held a scientific meeting that brings together the leading international experts in networks and complex systems: it is the ECCS, European Conference of Complex System. The annual conference, which returns to Italy thanks to Guido Caldarelli, physics professor at the IMT Institute of Lucca, is a unique opportunity to learn about new scientific approaches in various application fields.

The aim is to explain and understand (and one day, if possible, to control and predict) phenomena such as touristic flow; traffic on roads, on web and on social networks; the spread of disease; the spread of risk in the economic systems.

The conference of Lucca will be the last to take place in Europe: because of the importance that these issues are taking on a global level, the upcoming events will be certainly outside Europe.

The schedule of the five days of the event includes: 34 seminars held by professors of the leading universities around the world; 200 reports of 15 minutes presented by researchers that have been selected with an international call; numerous sessions of 3 minutes each to present other scientific papers; 28 roundtables to explore related topics.

The scientific seminars are dedicated to the members, while the evening will be spent in the Church of San Francesco, where the journalist Gianni Riotta, expert of Big data and new media, will interview some of the leading figures of the scientific week; the evening event will be opened to everyone, guests and citizens.

For a long time, TSC have studied complex networks: first, the development of the TETRIS project involved the exploration of networks identified using community detection techniques, in the Automotive and Energy. Subsequently, the development of the research project INMOTO included the study of the relationship between social network users interested in issues concerning tourism, starting from the influencers and specific trusted sources. Finally, in the INSIDER project, TSC applied the methodology of community detection to bring out relationships and dynamics between companies, institutions and organizations.

Now TSC will attend the conference in order to strengthen the research streams concerning these issues, to innovate, to create a network and find new partnerships.