TSC - Kick off 2014: learning culture and overall vision

Openness is the main idea and the instrument to achieve the qualitative goals of 2014. In the TSC, the Openness is transparency, sharing and collaboration within the company, as well as responsibilization of all those involved in the company project.

To put in practise the paradigm of the Openness among employees and collaborators, TSC promotes the Learning Culture inside the company. Learning culture means sharing of specialized knowledge and exchange of knowledge among people through multiple learning project, that will be developed throughout the year by internal and external trainers.

The TSC team is like a flower whose petals are directed towards a single focal point, but, at the same time, are opened and receptive to the outside.

The revolutionary approach to internal communication and exploitation of resources through the exchange of knowledge, produces a change of perspective that leads to the winning advantage and to exceed the fixed limit.

The change and the demarcation of a new horizon of development is possible through the creation of cross-teams; through the constant commitment to improvement, to deepening and rapprochement to the idea of life long learning, and through the understanding of the internal dynamics of the company thanks to the study of communication flows.

The deep and branched internal skills, and the new perspective of them, feed both the business growth and the enrichment of each personality.

In this open framework, it is fundamental to overcome the roles and to invert the communication flows: no more hierarchical and vertical, but redirected each time according to the company requirements.

TSC - Kick off 2014: learning culture e overall vision