TSC Lab and Nuvola Verde: the partnership goes ahead!

It continues to tighten the relationship between TSC Labs and Nuvolaverde, the association that takes care to link talents and skills to promote innovation towards a sustainable future.

The calabrian company and Nuvolaverde established a collaboration that led TSC to become one of the leading corporate partners of the association, a cooperation materialized through the availability of computer skills for different projects.

Among the initiatives carried out by TSC Labs for Nuvolaverde, we have to mention the web portal "Aquilani Digitali", that aims to virtually "repopulate" L'Aquila, in order to focus attention on the city that is still marked by the scars of the earthquake 2009.

Instead, the last frontier is the web portal www.knowledge.nuvolaverde.org, presented by TSC on March 28 in L'Aquila, during the initiative that started the tour "Knowledge – new ways and worlds." The tour about the digital change was conceived by Nuvolaverde for high school students, but not only for them.

The portal powered by TSC Labs is much more than a website. During the tour, www.knowledge.nuvolaverde.org becomes the project core, a virtual space in which to make reference for activities and aggregations of contents to share.

The last stage of Knowledge, which took place in Rome on 15th April, focused on Big Data, Cloud, Open Data and Social. Hence the tour will continue in other Italian cities.

The support of TSC has started from the web portal and continues with other initiatives, among which we have to remember "Knowmanager", the course focused on data management and augmented reality of cultural heritage, aimed to the training of new figures operating in the field of digital knowledge. The course is organized by Nuvolaverde in collaboration with TSC, Rai Educational, Autodesk, Cisco and Faro.

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