TSC Lab in partnership with the Fondazione Teatro Lirico di Cagliari for children musical education

The game and the playful modes have always been the most effective means to transmit knowledge to children: that is why, in the field of music education, the mobile applications Tantangram and Pipira were born.

Tantangram and Pipira are two mobile applications for children, designed for stimulate the musical skills and discover connections between visual arts and music.

Born from an idea by Nicola Fioravanti, Tantangram and Pipira and will be developed by TSC Labs, as technological partner of the Lyric Theatre of Cagliari Foundation.

Tantangram is inspired by the famous Chinese puzzle: the Tangram. In the application, each tan is a visual fragment that is linked to the sound of an instrument. The pitch of the sound and the speed of execution of the note, are determined by the position on the screen and by the size of the figure.

When the fragments of Tangram are combined, the melodies of the different pieces are performed together: the child becomes a little composer without having to learn the complex system of musical notation. The possibility to freely mix some coloured geometric shapes and sounds, without a predetermined scheme, gives total freedom to the child and stimulates his creativity.

With Pipira, the child learns to establish and recognize the connections between the visual arts and the music of particular historical periods. The application presents some famous painting of different periods in the form of puzzles to recompose. Each masterpiece is linked to a musical piece of the same period and each fragment of the puzzle is associated with a part of the piece. For example, Guernica by Pablo Picasso is associated with a piece of the Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky. Recomposing the figure, it will be possible to listen the complete melody.

The partnership with the Lyric Theatre will be inserted in the context of the European research project Dicet-InMoto of PON Research and Competitiveness, in which the TSC Labs participates.

The project aims to define models, processes and innovative instruments for the sustainable development of the territory through the promotion of cultural heritage, tourist activities and, expecially, tourism in mobility.

The project aims to the promotion of Made in Italy through new channels and new instruments such as:

  • augmented fruition;
  • adaptive storytelling;
  • augmented reality;
  • social crowd;
  • gaming, through which the apps Tantangram and Pipira take the Theater and his new perspective of musical education outside of the building.

The idea of Nicola Fioravanti is linked to all that, so TSC Lab wants to collaborate on its realization and to start a path that will hopefully lead Cagliari to become an increasingly smart and interconnected city.

The applications were presented during the press conference of April 5, in the foyer of the Lyric Theatre of Cagliari and will be released for free on iOS and Android platforms from June 2014.



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