Turandot goes on stage with Google Glass. In Cagliari, opera becomes interactive with Semestene, the app made ​​in TSC

Can a centuries-old art form like Opera unite with the most innovative communication technologies? In Cagliari it is possible thanks to Semèstene and Google Glass.

From July 30 to August 16, a very special “Turandot” will be on the stage of the Lyric Theatre of Cagliari: for the first time in the world, the Google Glass will tread the boards of a grand opera, extending the borders of melodrama to the cloud, the social and the live tweetting.

The experimentation of the Media Lab of the theater and of the Lab of TSC Consulting, Google Enterprise Partner in Italy, dematerialises the fourth wall, transporting the web audience behind the scenes, on the stage or in the backstage.

No more a single point of view beyond the line of the stage that separates reality and representation: with the Google Glass, the theater get closer to the public and multiplies the points of observation and fruition of the Opera. Through the app Semèstene, developed by the Lab of TSC Consulting, technological partner of the Lyric Theatre, the viewer will have more points of view: it will be possible to watch the show from the orchestra pit, from the pedestal of the Director and from the perspective of the tenor.

The glasses will be worn by actors, musicians, singers and stagehands, will take pictures and videos during the course of the opera and, almost simultaneously, will transmit them. The contents will be posted on the social channels of the Lyric Theatre, so the web audience will have the opportunity to attend the event and to enjoy the show from a completely innovative and privileged point of view.

The purpose of the experimentation is to explore new languages and to communicate the beauty of the lyric opera in a modern way. This is an attempt to approach a traditional art form to the public of mobile, web and social networks.

At the end of the performance, in the Foyer of Theatre, some viewers could wear the Google Glass.


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