Wearable technology and Google Glass: TSC Lab's lessons at IED Cagliari

For the second year in a row, the TSC team will give a series of lessons at the European Institute of Design (IED) of Cagliari.

The course was presented to the students on Tuesday October 14, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Academic year 2014-2015 at Villa Satta, where the renowned advanced school of Cagliari is located. The lessons taught by TSC will centered on wearable technology and Google Glass and will be part of the study plan of the three-year course "Visual Arts and Multimedia", whose objective is to train experts that will be able to use the languages of new multimedia technologies in order to design in the digital context.

The TSC Lab team will bring in the classrooms of the IED the spirit of innovation, which over the years has led the exploration of new tools and channels of communication, and the experience accrued in the design of glassware, mobile and web applications in the domains of Internet of Things, augmented reality, gaming and wearable technology.

The topics of the training sessions taught by TSC Lab will be wearable technology with focus on Google Glass, methods of gathering and analysis of the requirements for the development of a glassware application, designing and development of an application for Google Glass according to the directives and the constraints stated by Google.

The students, after exploring with the teacher the creative path that leads to the realization of a glassware, will be called to design and developp a project for a Glass App and to deal with all the steps: from the concept to the approval procedure for the publication on the Google Market.


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