Zanetti and Friends Match: new experimental scenarios for TSC Lab

Zanetti and Friends Match will be the first sporting event of Expo 2015: an evening of sport and solidarity to nourish children's planet. San Siro Stadium, May 4, 2015.

"Milan embraced me, Milan is my home. I would like to return to the city a part of that it gave me, doing something to my house." With these words, the long-standing Inter captain Javier Zanetti presented the event "Zanetti and Friends match for Expo", of the next 4th May, to the Milanese public, during the official press conference of 5th February. The press conference was held in the presence of the sole commissioner for Expo 2015, Giuseppe Sala, of the Mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia, and of the director of the Scholastic Office of Lombardy, Marco Bussetti.

"Embracing the fans and filling San Siro for humanitarian purposes will be exciting" continued the captain, Expo Ambassador, with twinkling eyes with emotion: "I want to show Milan’s big heart, the one that I experienced in the first months of my stay in Italy. The Milan who welcomed me and made me feel at home."

The match will be the first sporting event as part of Expo 2015. The Commissioner Giuseppe Sala explains: "We want that sport is a key factor for the visitors of Expo 2015. With this event we want to present to the world the Milan careful of the underprivileged’s rights, witness of the value of brotherhood among peoples, open to interfaith dialogue."

All the proceeds of the event will go to Milanese non-profit organizations that deal with the protection of the weakest social groups, particularly to the ones that undertake activities dedicated to children .

The event is directly organized by the PUPI Foundation, the nonprofit organization founded by Zanetti and which has operated for over 10 years in Argentina and Italy, working in planning and development of project of support for children’s needs.

The event will include great champions of the sport, united by a strong friendship to Zanetti: Maldini, Baggio, Zenga, Seedorf and many other stars of the sports, who are part of the history of the city of Milan.

The event is a special occasion for the students and the schools of the province of Milan. Thanks to the collaboration of the Provincial Scholastic Office and the City of Milan, thousands of students of primary, medium and high schools will be actively involved in the event.

Marco Bussetti, the director of the Scholastic Office of Lombardy, explained: "Sport and school have the same goal: to explain to the kids that dedication, constant efforts and research of their own objectives lead to important results. The captain Zanetti is an example”. "5000 students will be involved in the event" added the mayor Pisapia: "A commitment of young people for young people."

The event Zanetti and Friends Match could become the appropriate context for TSC Lab to test new experimental scenarios relating to wearable device, mobile and new communication languages. The purpose would be to open up new prospects about how a big event could be lived by the public of the mobile, of the web and of the social networks, as it happened during the experimentation Semestene, in July 2014.

Zanetti and Friends Match

May, 4 2015 - San Siro Stadium - Milan - h 21:00

Read the official press release: Zanetti and Friends Match - Conferenza stampa 5 febbraio 2015

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